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How to start a story

As the organizer of your own story, you’ll be responsible for titling the story, inviting other players, and starting and ending your storytelling sessions.

  1. Go to your Stories Library.

    This is usually the first screen you see when you log in. You can access your Library from most parts of Mote by clicking the Mote logo at the top of the page.

  2. Click New Story.

    The new story will open.

  3. Choose a title for your new story and invite friends.

    You can invite friends to join your story at any time, even during a session.

  4. Start your first session.

    You can choose to start your story right now, or wait to start your story later. If you plan your story for later, any friends you invite will be invited right away.

Each time you start or join a session of your story, you’ll be prompted to choose a persona. This is the character you’ll be during that session.

As the organizer of a story, you’re responsible for managing invited players, and starting and ending storytelling sessions. If you need to transfer these duties permanently to another player, you can assign that player as the new organizer of the story.