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How to start a story

A Mote story is a temporary space where you use chat, emotes, and more to tell a story with your friends.

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  1. Go to the Stories dashboard.

    This is the first screen that appears after you sign in or sign up.

    If you are already in another story, you need to end or leave it first. After you end or leave a story, you will go directly to the Stories dashboard.

  2. Click Start a story.

  3. Title your story.

    By default, your story’s title is “Untitled.” Your story’s title will be visible to other players you invite to join your story.

  4. Invite your friends.

    Click Add a player to start adding players to the story.

    Enter the handles of up to 7 other players to join you in the story. They will be notified once you start the story.

    If you add someone by mistake, you can click on them to remove them from the list.

    You can also invite players to join your story after you start the story.

  5. Choose your persona.

    Select the name and pronoun of the character you will be in your story. This is how other players you invite to join your story will see you.

  6. Click Start story to begin your story.