What is Mote? Help

How to write on Mote

Type text in the input box, and it will show up as your currently-selected character’s actions and dialogue in the story. You can also use simple notation to further customize what you write and get special effects. Mote flows everyone’s contributions together so that you are creating one story.

To show what your character does, write a sentence starting with “I”:

I peek through the door to see who is there. Annie peeks through the door to see who is there.

Personal pronouns (I, me, my, mine, myself) will refer to your selected character. To refer to other characters, type @ and start typing their name. Press Tab to autocomplete and tag the reference. Invalid references are highlighted red.

I give @Lisa my shoes. Annie gives Lisa her shoes.

To make your character say something, put your input in quotes.

"I knew it was you!" “I knew it was you!” Annie says.

Note that Mote added “Annie says” above. It won’t do this if your character is already talking, it will simply add the new dialogue to the existing quotation.

To customize the dialogue tag, combine an I sentence with a quote:

I howl "My toes!" “My toes!” Annie howls.

You can use additional notation to customize your emote.

Wrap text in * or _ to italicize it.

Use : to customize the subject of the sentence without adding a character.

My pocketwatch: continues to tick Annie’s pocketwatch continues to tick.

Use ( ) to add a parenthetical clause.

(Out of no where) I let out a yell Out of nowhere, Annie lets out a yell.

Use ; to compound multiple emotes together in a single input. (Character limits apply.)

I run up the stairs; I collapse in a heap; I'm exhausted You run up the stairs and collapse in a heap, exhausted.

Epistolary mode

Start your emote with > to add epistolary text. Text will be indented and italicized.

Start your emote with > -- to add inscriptions or to add signatures to preceding epistolary text. Text will be in small caps.

How to get help

Before asking for help, please verify that your browser meets our technical requirements.

The best way to get help and meet other players is to join our Discord server.

You can also send an email to support@motestories.com. We are not able to provide full-time support at this time. If you send us an email, expect a response within a week.