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Tidal Heist

by Avery Alder

Illustration by Alejandro Bruzzese

  • 3-5 players
  • 1-2 hours
Made for Mote

Your homeland Atlantis has been invaded, your treasures plundered. The ancient, powerful artifact that keeps your underwater cities intact has been stolen and locked away on dry land. You and your band of thieves have arrived in the city of Luminesce, determined to steal it back and save your kingdom. How will you leave the depths you call home and take back what’s yours?

Download PDF

Tidal Heist is a free, one-shot story game designed specifically to be played on Mote. Download the instructions as a PDF, gather your friends, and tell this story yourselves using Mote’s fun, real-time storytelling tools.

About the designer

Avery Alder is a queer roleplaying game designer hailing from Sinixt territory. She's the designer of Monsterhearts, The Quiet Year, Dream Askew, Ribbon Drive, and a host of smaller, scrappier projects. In her game design and play, she gravitates toward the moody, the personal, and the transformative. Learn more about Avery at her website.