What is Mote? Help

Technical requirements

We support the latest version of major web browsers running on major desktop and mobile platforms.

Browser Platforms
Mozilla Firefox recommended Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Google Chrome Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Microsoft Edge Windows, MacOS, Android
Apple Safari MacOS, iOS

Most of these browsers release updates quite frequently, so even if you’re several versions behind Mote will typically continue to work. If you are having problems using Mote, and you are not on the latest version of your browser, we recommend updating your browser before trying anything else. Importantly, we do not support versions of Microsoft Edge below 79.

A note on mobile devices

We make an effort to make all Mote features functional on mobile browsers, but we also recognize that the experience of telling stories on Mote is more naturally suited to systems without onscreen keyboards. For this reason, we highly recommend using Mote on a desktop or laptop computer.