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In your story, you use chat and emotes to tell what a single character does, says, and feels, and you watch the story unfold from their perspective. This character is your persona. They are the character referred to as “you” in the story that you read.

You define your persona by selecting a name and the pronoun that is used to refer to them. You won’t often see this name or pronoun in the story, because they are “you.”

Your persona’s name can be a proper name, like “Alice,” or a word or phrase, like “the old hermit,” or even “a foul wind.” You choose your persona’s name and pronoun before you start or join a story, and you can change this name and pronoun at any time while the story is going on.

If you want to create other characters in your story, and chat and emote as them, you can do this using pets. Pets differ from personas, in that you do not read the story from your pets’ perspectives. That is to say, your pets are never “you.” You can use pets for much more than just creating additional characters, though.

Personas & pets