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Getting started

Welcome to Mote! We are so happy you found us. We want you to start getting the most out of Mote right away, which is why we created this guide.

What is Mote?

Mote is a real-time storytelling platform for you and your friends to tell stories, designed to have the simplicity of chat.

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Mote is in beta

Here’s what that means:

What you’ll need

Telling your first story on Mote

Mote has been designed to be easy to play and fun to master. Playing on Mote is a lot like playing in a jazz band with your friends, except instead of music you’re using language, and instead of instruments you’re using your keyboard.

Telling your first story

Have fun and play pretend

Mote requires only a love of language and an imagination. Taking risks and courting mistakes is the only way to really learn how the system works. The more stories you tell, the more epic and involved they will become, until you’re effortlessly building immersive worlds and experiences out of text with your friends.