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How to add moods to your story

Moods are a form of automated content that adds narration to your stories periodically. You can use moods to immerse yourself in your story’s setting, and inspire your live storytelling.

Watch: Doug shows you how to use moods in your stories

Here’s how to use moods in your stories, and how to create scenes by changing the moods that are active as you play.

  1. Open the Moods Drawer.

    Click Moods underneath the input line. You will only be able to open this drawer in stories you started.

    The Moods Drawer displays all the moods that are available to you, including those you have transcribed, and those from the Mote Library, and allows you to activate and deactivate those moods during your story.

    To close the Moods Drawer without making any changes, press Escape or click Close .

  2. Click one or more moods to activate them.

    You can deactivate an active mood by clicking it again. The changes you make do not take affect until you click Apply. This allows you to synchronize your changes to occur all at once.

When you’re finished making changes, press Escape or click Close to close the Moods Drawer. You can open the Moods Drawer again to make and apply more changes.