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How to transfer a story to another organizer

As the organizer of a story, you’re responsible for managing invited players, and starting and ending storytelling sessions. If you need to transfer these duties permanently to another player, you can assign that player as the new organizer of the story.

  1. Open the story.

    You can find all your stories in your Story Library.

  2. Find the player you want to make the organizer.

    Before you assign another player as the organizer, they must join the story.

  3. Click the player in the player list, and select Assign as organizer from the menu that appears.

Once you assign another player as organizer, they will be able to do anything the organizer of a story can do, including removing you from the story. Furthermore, you will no longer be the organizer of the story, and thus will no longer be able to manage players or start new storytelling sessions.