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How to invite friends to join your story

As the organizer of a story, you can invite friends to join you at any time. Your friends join your story by accessing a sharable link. You can enable and disable this link whenever you need to.

  1. Open the story you want to share.

    You can find all your stories in your Story Library.

  2. Click Share Share .

    The sharing menu will appear. If you are in a session, click the blue Share or Share icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Click Enable sharing Enable sharing .

    A blue link will appear. Click it to copy it to your computer’s clipboard. Only the organizer can enable or disable sharing, but if sharing is enabled, all players will be able to view and share the link.

While sharing is enabled, anyone can use this link to join your story. You can disable sharing at any time by opening the sharing menu and clicking Disable sharing Disable sharing .

Once you disable sharing, the previous link is no longer valid. Friends who have already used the link will still be able to access your story unless you remove them. If you re-enable sharing, a new link will be created.