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How to summon a pet

Pets allow you to emote and chat as someone (or something) other than your persona.

  1. Open the Emote As drawer.

    Click as yourself underneath the input line. If you already have a pet selected, your pet’s name will appear here instead, and you can click that.

    You can use the Emote As drawer to select any of your summoned pets, or your persona, to emote and chat as; as well as to dismiss and summon pets. You can close the drawer without doing anything by pressing Escape or clicking Close .

  2. Click Summon a pet.

    The Summon a Pet console will appear. You can close the console without summoning a pet by pressing Escape or clicking Close .

  3. Enter your new pet’s name and pronoun.

    Press Enter or click Enter when you’re finished.

After you summon your pet, it will be selected for you to emote and chat as right away. Any emotes and chats you enter will appear to come from your pet.

You can clear your selected pet and return to emoting and chatting as your persona by clicking Clear next to your pet’s name beneath the input line.