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How to transcribe a mood

Transcribing is a simple technique for creating moods, a form of automated content you can use again and again.

Watch: Doug shows you how to transcribe your own moods to use in your stories
  1. Open the Moods Drawer.

    Click Moods underneath the input line. You will only be able to open this drawer in stories you started.

    The Moods Drawer displays all the moods that are available to you, including those you have transcribed, and those from the Mote Library, and allows you to activate and deactivate those moods during your story.

    To close the Moods Drawer without transcribing a mood, press Escape or click Close .

  2. Click Transcribe a new mood.

    You will be prompted to name your mood.

    To exit the prompt without beginning transcribing, press Escape or click Close .

  3. Name your mood.

    You’ll use this name to identify the mood when you wish to activate it in a story.

    Press Enter or click Enter when you’re finished.

  4. Create your mood.

    A banner will appear below the text of the story to indicate that transcribing is in progress. While transcribing is in progress, your story is being recorded into the new mood.

    Other players in your story will see a similar banner to let them know that you are transcribing a mood. While you are transcribing, their contributions to the story are also recorded.

    Use personas and pets and emotes and chat to create the content of your mood. Later when the mood is activated, these will play back over time, and mix together with other active moods and your live storytelling.

    You can stop transcribing without saving the new mood by clicking Cancel on the banner.

  5. Click Finish & save.

    Transcribing will stop, and your new mood will be saved. Once your mood is saved, it will appear in the Moods Drawer.

Known Limitation

It is not currently possible to rename moods after you transcribe them.